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New Feature: Audio by Phone

Establishing a solid connection remains the number one concern for people considering video chat meetings. Well good news, those days of uncertainty are over: with our Audio by Phone solution, connection is not just an option but a promise.

So what’s in it for me?

In case you might experience some inconveniences in your audio or video due to a weak internet connection, Audio by Phone is here to help you out. You can simply continue verbal communication over phone and still use our most beloved 24sessions features on your desktop:

  • Your customer can still see you on his/her screen via 24sessions (even though he/she might not be visible for you).
  • You can still share your screen with your customer.
  • You and your customer are still able to use the chat function and exchange documents.

How can I use streaming?

  • During a video chat: you can switch to streaming by clicking the ‘Audio by phone’ button and following the instructions shown on screen. Both you and your customer will be instructed to call a phone number and to enter a code (both will be provided on your screen). .
  • Before a video connection: whenever you are not able to establish a video connection for whatever reason, there is an automatic fall-back that allows you to still continue and connect via streaming.

No worries, streaming your video chat over phone is free, so no costs for calling will be billed.

Please feel free to contact one of our Customer Success Managers if you have any questions left!



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