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Video chat: Reinventing meetings by solving 5 unmet needs

Now that everything around us is digital, video chat has become the best way to build genuine personal relationships with your customers. But if you're making customers jump through hoops (like downloading software) or using poor-quality tools where customers can't tell your nose from your ear, the experience will be more frustrating than enjoyable. And don’t get me started on the endless back and forth emailing to schedule the session in the first place!

To prevent you from smashing your computer, we now reinvented online video meetings. And here’s how we did it...    

effortless video chat

When we designed our current meeting solution, we first identified 5 unmet needs that every advisor, consultant, sales manager, account manager, coach, teacher and recruiter experiences when using video communication. This is how we tackle them and turn your video meetings into an effortless, engaging experience for both you and your customer.

1. No more email hassle through automated scheduling

Email here, email there, email back & repeat. So much time is lost to get the meeting scheduled and our customers despise this above all. And it doesn't end there. Once a meeting is finally scheduled, they have to repeat this process when following up on the meeting as well as reminding the client about what video chat tool to use to join the meeting. This never-ending manual effort of reminding and instructing your customers is time consuming and frustrating.

Fortunately, we learned how to scratch the itch. Our platform enables you to get booked and meet in the video chat without any further interaction. Your potential clients can book a meeting by themselves, get automated reminders and get instructions on how to join the video chat, all of this without any manual messages sent by you. This also works with multi-party meetings. We will remind you and your customer when a session is about to start through notifications (email and text messages). Let’s leave the no-shows to our dating life ;-)

2. Avoid downloads or installations so video chat meetings start on time

So much frustration comes when your meeting gets delayed because of technical issues. You did everything in your power to arrange the meeting, sent reminders and explained where and how to join the meeting. But still it gets delayed because your client needs to install or download software with additional plug-ins to make the video chat happen.

This doesn't exist in our book. 24sessions is built on a cutting-edge WebRTC technology which means that you don't have to download any software. Instead, open your Internet browser and enter a video chat room immediately on any device.

3. When internet connection lets you down, the 24s Bot saves your video chat

The third frustration is linked to a poor connection. You start the video chat, greet each other and get ready to kick ass your meeting. Then, all of a sudden the screen freezes. You refresh and it’s back, but a minute later you cry out in anger again. Ouch.

In case of a bad connection our platform allows you to simply switch to only screen sharing. In this way you can quickly show how your product works. Neither microphone nor webcam is needed for the client so that you can deliver your demo even with unstable connection.

4. Connect with the world through auto-calculating time differences

When you’re doing your sales demos online, it's easy to cross borders. So it's most likely that you work with clients in different time zones. Precious time gets lost by constantly calculating the time differences when you’re trying to schedule a demo.

We solved this by integrating Google, Outlook and Office365 calendars straight into your meeting overview so that you can always see what time slots are available in different time zones of both you and your client.

5. All-in-1 solution: No more multiple software!

Companies often use multiple software tools to reach their end goal. This often leads to compatibility, update or installing issues which makes it a frustrating experience.

Skype + Calendly

Now imagine Skype having a baby with Calendly. Yep. No multiple software is needed because 24sessions combines both video calls and meeting management tools. The aspiration of enterprises as we found out is to have it all in one. They sketched the perfect situation like this: “We want everything from scheduling to reminders, from reminders to the demo, from making notes during the demo to registering them in our database, all in one place”.

Do you recognize these top 5 frustrations? Then, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you save time, grow less grey hairs and be awesome in future video chat meetings.

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