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How 24sessions is solving the number 1 issue in B2C video communication

Video is not a new communication channel - it has been widely used in B2B (video conferencing being the most obvious one) and C2C (think using Skype, Hangouts or Facetime with friends or family) settings. Currently, there has been a trend across many industries to add video communication as a B2C communication channel.

Companies are (looking at) implementing video as a customer communication channel for various reasons.

  • Cost savings by reducing travel time as well as meeting time.
  • Increasing online conversions by allowing users to talk to an adviser online directly.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction; we see that 24sessions chats are, on average, rewarded with a 9.3/10 rating.
  • Upgrading their existing phone communication channels to have a more personal customer approach.
  • Specific use cases where video images are crucial; think about insurance claims, energy advice or realtors showing houses.

These are very straightforward benefits for businesses - then why did not more enterprises implement this channel?

Our customers tell us that the number one reason is stability and reliability of the video connection. Many businesses have tried some sort of video chat over the past years but have not rolled out on a massive scale simply because something went wrong too many times. You know the feeling:

  • You can see the other person but can’t hear them
  • You hear them but now the webcam doesn’t work
  • You had to install something and couldn't because of your corporate laptop
  • Massive delays due to poor broadband connections

And the list goes on and on. At 24sessions, we are obsessed with stability and reliability and all our innovations are aimed at increasing stability. We do this by innovating in 2 key area’s; Technology and Service.

 Innovations in Technology:

  • By using webrtc no downloads are required on customer nor agent side
  • We pre-check systems on customer side to verify they are equipped to have a video chat
  • Proactive help when starting a video chat. We do this via advanced help bots and even a human fallback system.
  • Point users in the direction of mobile apps that are easy to install and stable in nature.
  • We integrate our video chat solution into existing IT infrastructure if needed.

 Innovations in Service:

  • We train our users extensively so they are able to have high-quality video conversations but also do basic troubleshooting if the customers encounter any issues.
  • We are there with you during the first weeks that the video chats are taking place. We help agents during those first calls and make sure we tackle any issues that might arise. Also - during those first weeks we listen and act upon our users' feedback to ensure the following calls will go smoothly!
  • We allow all users to fall back to a live help center via chat or phone when there are technical issues on both client and adviser side.
  • We help our customers define and optimize their processes to ensure the right customers are funnelled in the video channel.

B2C video holds tremendous promise for both consumers and companies. Up till now the fragility of the video connection has been holding back the adoption of video as a household B2C communication channel. At 24sessions, we are changing this by focusing on the customer journey and making the reliability of the video connection the core of everything we do.


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