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3 tips to have more effective video meetings with customers

Have you ever calculated the time you spend arranging and managing your online meetings with customers? Most likely you’re wasting up to 5 hours per week on this!

From the moment you qualify until you finally see them waving from the other side of the video it takes a lot of work. Like A LOT. Calls, emails, calendar checks, confirmation emails and the list goes on.... Worst case, sometimes you end up with no-shows because customer forgot about your meeting.

People waste 4 to 5 hours per week setting up online meetings”

Why not empower your visitors to book an automated appointment directly in your agenda? That’s a great way to increase your conversion rates while reducing friction!

Below we’ve gathered 3 tips on how to have more and better sales calls


1. Enable your customers and leads to book a meeting online

If you’re like most businesses, you’re likely spending a lot of time and resources on getting the right leads to your website. Now, when they land, you want them to soak up the content and click on a CTA that will get them closer to conversion. The clearer and more specific your CTA the most likely it is for your visitors to take action.

Embedded booking forms will prompt your visitors to schedule discovery calls and/or demos while they’re still on your website.

“Having customers book you for a meeting automatically, saves you 50% of the overall time you would need to prepare for it”

The best part is that embedded forms are fully automated and help you skip the scheduling hassle!

Here is an awesome example of a business using booking forms the right way :

☕Let’s grab some coffee!

embedded booking form

Aaron Krall is a guru when it comes to SaaS onboarding. His methods help businesses to convert even the highest hanging fruits out there. Aaron uses Webinars for large group classes and then leverages 24sessions to connect with his clients 1-on-1.

24sessions is amazingly simple to use, I love that I don't need to combine multiple tools and my clients love that they don't need to download anything to use it

Aaron created a really intuitive example to connect with his apprentices when they’re in need of help. The page, with the striking title ‘Grab Coffee’ is casual and gives the visitor all necessary information about the meeting. Thanks to the branded features in 24sessions the whole experience is fully branded. When a new meeting is booked, both parties receive personalized email notifications about what to expect during the video call.


2. Qualify your meetings better upfront

When customers book you without prior communication, you risk getting to the meeting with a solution that may not be suitable for their use case.

Ideally, you want your customer to provide you with some information in an automated way and PRIOR to your meeting did some amazing research on “How to Sell Against the Competition”! For example, did you know that discussing your competitors at the beginning of the cycle correlates with a 24% higher likelihood of closing the deal?!

By adding questions to your booking form you save time, get an idea for your customer’s profile and ultimately SELL MORE. Let’s say you want to qualify your demo Session, you could ask questions like “Are you using any similar tools at the moment (if any)?” or “What is your biggest struggle with your current solution?”

Below you’ll find another really cool example from our client, Ruler Analytics (Ruler Analytics is Visitor Level Multi-touch Marketing Attribution for Forms, Call Tracking & Live Chat automatically integrated with your CRM & Analytics). Ruler leverages 24sessions to give the most amazing demos, while saving tons of time on scheduling/setting-up meetings. 

“The scheduling tool from 24sessions means clients book straight in on a suitable time, without all the back and forth of 'when works for you...' saving time and freeing me up to do more video conferences!”

After gathering some basic information like name, email, etc., customer is asked to give some information like company headcount, business sector and location. This way the inside sales-team can prepare perfectly for every lead that comes in. 

embedded booking form

For more inspiration, check out this great list of
21 qualifying questions

Pro Tip: to make your qualification even more targeted, customize your qualifying questions per meeting type.


3. Help your guests prepare for the video meetings

Adding qualifying questions before a meeting is scheduled helps YOU get prepared. But what about your guest? How can you help them get prepared for your meeting as well?

For example, let’s say your clients are Marketing Agents who use your service to increase sales. Why not give them a gist about what to expect during the meeting or even get them a bit excited before your call? How cool would it be if you directed them to a specific blog post, white paper or even a quick questionnaire, just to bring them up to speed on certain topics?

Here’s an example of a customized notification that informs the client about the agenda of the scheduled meeting:

customized notification

By customizing the email notifications your customers receive help to prepare for the upcoming meeting!

Like to learn more about how to embed your booking form in your website?

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