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Streamline your Contact Center with our Genesys Cloud integration

Great news for our Genesys integrators! You can now have scheduled video interactions right from your Genesys Cloud environment.

A new capability within Genesys Cloud

We’re introducing a new, improved integration of 24sessions with Genesys Cloud (formerly PureCloud). It was already possible to start an instant click-to-video interaction or chat escalation directly from your Genesys environment.

Now, our improved Genesys cloud integration allows your agents to also schedule a 24sessions video call with a customer from within Genesys. Or you easily enter an already scheduled video call in one simple click. 

 Screenshot-improved-Genesys-cloud-integration_03 Screenshot-improved-Genesys-cloud-integration_04-cropped

The new agent workflow of 24sessions integrated in Genesys Cloud in 3 steps: 1. start a video call by sharing the link, 2. have the video call, 3. collect customer feedback

Another improvement is that 24sessions' video calls, screen share or co-browsing sessions themselves are now embedded in the Genesys Cloud workflow more smoothly, improving the agent experience.


There are 3 ways to integrate 24sessions video capabilities into your own Contact Center workflows:
 1. Have a scheduled appointment with customers;
 2. Embed video calls with an instant click-to-video button; or
 3. Offer an escalation from chat to video.


Like to know more?

To learn more about integrating 24sessions with your Contact Center solution, head to our Genesys partner page >


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