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Record, Replay & Repeat

HD recordings are now available in 24sessions so that anyone can enjoy high quality video recordings of online sales demos, guest lectures, customer support inquiries, online trainings, business meetings, health consultations, and much more.

Webcam HD recordings

It's a wrap! Engage customers after the meeting with wrap-ups

In today’s consumer-driven landscape, it’s more important than ever to actively engage your customers. And it doesn’t end when a video call is over. Sharing recorded conversations with your customers can remind them of the discussed details which makes them more engaged in return. Call centers in particular can benefit from HD recordings as they can improve customer satisfaction at scale.

Use recordings for training purposes

Businesses can record conversations for training purposes or to gain insights into their customer demographics and behavior. By replaying conversations they can then learn what works best and improve them accordingly. Especially for sales and support teams, that spend loads of time video calling to their prospects or customers, HD recording function comes spot-on handy.

Ensure your compliance through recordings

Many banks and financial companies need to ensure that the video calls between their employees and clients are compliant with regulatory requirements. Noncompliance can cost banks enormous amounts of wasted money. We make sure that all the recordings are well secured according to ISO standards and readily available for conformity assessment.

Record your podcasts and share instantly

Podcasts are all about the audio but when doing remote interviews why not to record the interaction via video? This way you can also share recorded podcasts on YouTube or elsewhere. For example, our customer uses 24sessions to record his podcasts about procrastination, improving focus, or productivity.


"I really like how easy it is to record podcast interviews with 24sessions. My guests really care about their time and productivity. Therefore, it’s a huge advantage to organize podcasts from scheduling to final recording in one place."

Martin Boeddeker,


So these were some use-cases of how to make the best use of your recordings. The HD recording feature comes by default for all Standard, Premium and Enterprise Plan users. Check out which plan will work best for you here. If you already use 24sessions and want to know more check out FAQ on recordings.

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