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Achmea launches video calling for pensions

Published in Pension Pro in Dutch, on Monday February 10, 2020.

From April onwards, Achmea Pension Services offers video calling as an alternative for customer contact via telephone between the participant and pension fund. The participants of the pilot project are really positive about this new digital channel. 

Customers rate video calling with a 9,3/10 score

The past 3 months, video calling has been piloted among 40 participants of the pension funds ‘Dierenartsen’ (Vets) and ‘Shell’. Participants of Vets pension fund rated the video calling sessions with a 8,4. The participants of the Shell pension fund scored this new digital channel even higher with a 9,3 on average. Achmea states they are the first pension provider to offer insurance services via video calling.  


Video calling via Skype for customer contact wasn’t successful 

With video calling, participants schedule an appointment online in advance, after which they will receive a link via email. This brings them into contact with an employee of the customer team via a secure connection.

Koen Vaassen, Manager Product Advice and Innovation at Achmea Pension Services, explains why they use specific video calling technology for customer contact - instead of Skype:

We have experimented with Skype in the past, but it didn’t work well for customer contact. Not everyone has an account. Video calling from 24sessions is more user-friendly. Participants do not have to install any software. It also works with all types of devices.


Digital insurer with a human dimension 

Like to know more about the different ways insurer Achmea is using video calling to digitize their services? Download our case study “Becoming the digital insurer with a human dimension”. 


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