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Instant video calls from Intercom text chat

Start a 24sessions video call with your leads or customers directly from Intercom Messenger. This new integration offers the ultimate customer service experience by allowing you to swap between a text chat and a video call just with one click.

Intercom video chat

The rise of text chat in customer engagement

The more you make your customers feel like they are heard, the more likely it is that they will become not only purchasers but also advocates of your brand. Live text chat functionalities on your website or social media channels offer a great opportunity. In fact,
51% of consumers say that businesses need to be available 24/7 so it seems like they would prefer using a text chat while they're making their way towards a purchase. Considering that the norm these days is to jump from emails and Instagram comments to text messaging in a matter of seconds, businesses should opt for this kind of "lifestyle" as well.


Intercom is set to rule customer messaging platforms

Intercom realized the importance of text chat early enough to become a legendary customer service tool, which now generates over $50 Million in revenue and has more than 17,000 paying customers. This phenomenal growth is
faster to that of Shopify, HubSpot or Atlassian and nothing seems to be slowing down the widespread use of their service by SaaS companies all around the world.

The adoption of live text chat has been revolutionary in terms of customer service. It is immediate, always available and most importantly a lot more personal than the other traditional customer service channels like emails or inquiry forms. In essence, Intercom brought into the spotlight a method to actively engage with customers online in such a way that was not possible before.


Why combine video calling?

Even though Intercom has gone far with customer engagement, it has still been short on one particular feature which is so important to any form of communication: face-to-face interaction. That’s where 24sessions comes into play by integrating our video chat in Intercom Messenger which makes it just a click away from customers to video call you instantly.

Intercom text chat

According to a recent research from Gartner, the trend for consumers to use video calling is increasing, with 1 in 3 already stating that they have interacted with a brand via video-chat before and almost 40% reported to accept a video call if a brand was to provide this option. Furthermore, Millennials will be the key growth area for the mass-scale adoption of video calling so you’d better jump on this boat now.

Millennials and video calling

(Source: How Consumer Demand is Shaping the Future of Video Calling for Enterprizes, Sinch, 2018)

This is how a combination of live text chat and video call works best

1. More in-depth conversations

If you are chatting to a hot lead or high-value customers, you can easily have more in-depth conversations by inviting them for a 24sessions video call without any installations.

2. Engaging and visualized discussions

Have more engaging and visualized discussions via screen and document sharing to develop a closer customer relationship.

3. Convert more leads with instant video calls

Whether it’s a demo or a discovery call, chatting to your leads over video will help you quickly understand if they’re a good fit for your business.

4. Onboard and activate new users

Invite new users for a video call, share your screen and educate them on how to use your product or service to its fullest potential.

5. Tackle issues and bugs quickly

Resolve urgent issues or problems faster by hopping on a video call with your customer.

6. Share the calendar of your expert colleague

If your lead has questions that require specific expertise, you can invite them to pick a date and time for a video meeting with your expert colleague. This helps you save time and convert more leads into prospects.

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