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4 ways to measure & learn from your video-calls with customers

Oct 8, 2018 10:48:19 AM in

Companies are constantly looking for ways to boost their competitiveness via superior customer experiences. But how to make sure you actually deliver those excellent experiences? Peter Drucker’s quote: "You can't manage what you can't measure" still counts today, right!?

Peter Drucker

To better manage the customer experience you deliver through your video calls, 24sessions equips you with meeting analytics. You can instantly measure customer experiences and learn how to make every customer interaction better than your last one.

Here are 4 easy ways to use your meeting analytics:

1. Stop guessing, start collecting reviews

Measure your customer experience when it is still top of mind, and automatically collect reviews right after the meeting. On average, we hit response rates of 80% which gives a fairly good representation. Through these reviews, you can start to track important metrics like NPS as well.

Review questions

Our favorite review questions are: How would you rate this session? How easy was it for you to have this call? How likely is it that you recommend this video call to a friend?

2. Timing is everything: find your customer's favorite time-slots

By keeping track of previous meeting moments, you can learn how your service fits customers needs best. And tailor your availabilities accordingly.

For instance, the chart below is from our clients that provide personal banking advice to consumers via video calls. This overview shows that their customers really value this service especially in their spare time; in the evening, during lunch breaks or during morning weekends. This confirms the end of ‘9-to-5s’ for these kind of services.

3. Identify the optimal length

Time is the scarcest resource of people today. So, why take more time from your customers than necessary? Based on our client’s experiences, video calling sessions take 20-40% less time compared to face-to-face. By letting customers stay in the comfort zone of their own homes, and combining audio with screen & document-sharing, our clients say they can get to the point much faster.

By tracking the length of each video call, Spotta learned their calls needed to last only 50% of the time that was reserved for face-to-face meetings while keeping satisfaction scores high. Next to this huge efficiency gain it helps to better manage customer’s expectations upfront. Underpromise overdeliver, right ;-)

4. See what sticks

Stop the guesswork and analyze which arguments are most compelling to deliver the best experience. In order to quickly find your way through a big pile of reviews, a simple trick is to make a wordcloud to extract the most used words.

Another way to learn from previous sessions, is by using recordings for training purposes. By replaying conversations, you can then learn what worked well and improve them accordingly.

Our data team also analyzed 1000s of reviews to find out what motivates customers to engage via video. The most important words they use to describe this are ‘easy’, ‘flexible’ and ‘personal’. The fact that it ‘saves travel time’, or ‘the hassle to arrange a babysitter lastminute’ is what makes them a real promoter of this new channel. More insights about this analysis are coming soon!

Learning from your previous customer meetings is not a luxury, we think it’s a necessity. That is why the Review and Reporting features come by default for all Plans.

If you already use 24sessions and want to know more check out FAQ on Reviews.

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