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News: Stichting Achmea Rechtsbijstand starts offering legal aid via video calling

We are happily announcing our new collaboration with Stichting Achmea Rechtsbijstand. Since the beginning of May, the Dutch provider of legal aid has started offering video calls to clients in specific departments. The video calling technology is proudly provided by 24sessions!

Stichting Achmea Rechtsbijstand (SAR) is an independent Dutch foundation for legal assistance. Their 700 lawyers provide legal aid to clients with legal expenses insurance at Interpolis, Centraal Beheer, FBTO or Avéro Achmea. SAR’s lawyers are now offering legal assistance via video calling for neighbourly disputes, injury cases and cases around company law.

A crucial criterion for Stichting Achmea Rechtsbijstand is to be able to assist clients as personally as possible, also and especially amid social distancing measures due to the Covid-19 crisis. Video calling ensures that SAR can continue to serve clients remotely and safely, and it also helps SAR’s lawyers to understand their clients even better.

Sabine van den Oever, responsible for Business Implementation at SAR, explains:

“I feel proud that thanks to video calling, we are able to assist our clients in a highly personal way even if it’s remotely. We are currently using video calls to interact with specific clients, but looking forward I hope to further expand the use of this new channel. Our cooperation with 24sessions has been pleasant and flexible - we have rapidly achieved results together.”

At 24sessions we are proud to help SAR with our video call technology to continue supporting legal clients personally. We are looking forward to a strong and successful collaboration!

Fun fact: Stichting Achmea Rechtsbijstand is the 5th Achmea label offering 24sessions video calls to clients. > Download the Achmea case study here to learn how Achmea insurance is using CX video calls to reach a +78 NPS.


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