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TKP Pensioen launches video calling for pensions

We are happily sharing the news of our collaboration with Dutch pension administrator TKP Pensioen (TKP Pensions). Since the 1st of April, TKP is offering its clients video calls thanks to 24sessions technology.

TKP Pensioen is one of the largest pension administrators in The Netherlands. Its clients consist of a total of 23 pension funds, which also makes them indirectly responsible for the pensions of 3.7 million participants. TKP has 900 specialists working to support the pension funds with administration and communication services. Its specialists are now using video calls for 1-on-1 conversations to inform individual pension fund participants about their pensions.

TKP is currently working on an omnichannel strategy for answering questions from participants. With video calls, the pension administrator is adding a new channel to contact via email, phone, live chat and face-to-face. It is TKP’s mission to simplify the world of pensions, by offering a digital pension platform that’s easily understandable and accessible.

Arie Westerhoff, Manager Front Office at TKP, highlights the benefit of video calling with clients:

"You can't get closer and more personal at a distance. A very good medium to explain complex content to the participants of our funds.”

At 24sessions we love how TKP’s mission forms a perfect match with our own, i.e. to simplify customer communication with CX video calling. We are excited to be able to help them on this mission!

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