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Big Five fall updates: 5 new features to boost visual engagement

Coming to you this autumn… Loads and loads of new 24sessions features! Ready? We’re releasing co-browsing, embeddable video, conversation intelligence and new integrations. Discover all new features for Fall 2020 in this video 👇

Fall updates video_subtitled

1. Co-browsing
2. Embeddable video
3. Speech-to-text
4. Goal Tracker
5. New integrations



Screen sharing is great, but what if you need to give your customer assistance in a more interactive way? Co-browsing allows you to navigate web pages together with a customer, real-time during the video call. 

Use co-browsing to help customers fill out a form on your website, for example, or go through a mortgage application, review an insurance claim together. Agents get to point, annotate and click the client’s screen - in a secure way, with their permission. Learn more about co-browsing with 24sessions >



Embeddable video

What’s better than hosting the entire video call journey start-to-finish on your own platforms? New: embed 24sessions video calls on your own website, application or portal to provide a seamless customer experience :

  • For example, embed 24sessions so customers can schedule & start a video call from your own, trusted login portal. 
  • You can also take it one step further and embed an instant click-to-call option on your website or other channels. The customer simply clicks a button and is then instantly connected with an available agent - whether that’s via a video call, a good old voice call, while screen sharing or during a co-browsing session.

Learn more about Embeddable video here >


Like to find out how your organisation could embed video calling in customer communication channels? Book a demo with us >

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Conversation Intelligence: Speech-to-text & Goal Tracker

Sounds cool, right? And Conversation Intelligence is pretty cool. Our latest feature helps you to make video call processes, like compliance & reports, even more efficient.

Conversation Intelligence consists of (1) Speech-to-text and (2) Goal Tracking. Speech-to-text turns the spoken word of your video conversations into written text using automated transcription. It automatically creates an easily searchable report.

And with the Goal Tracker we help you to track compliance, script adherence and goal attainment during your customer meetings. Set your own goals for which topics need to be discussed during a video call, and our Goal Tracker will keep track of whether your agents have attained these Goals.

Conversation Intelligence is part of our Recordings feature. For more information, book a demo >

New integrations

Build a personal customer experience that fits your digital journeys and workflows. We’re increasing our stack of available partner integrations with leading customer engagement solutions. 

You can now integrate 24sessions effortlessly with Salesforce, Genesys and Amazon Connect (AWS). And more integrations coming soon, so stay tuned.

Fall product updates_partner logos 24sessions_genesys-salesforce-amazon

Like to know more?

Are you curious how your organisation could benefit from our new features for CX video calling? Schedule a demo!

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