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Video calling in kiosk for passengers of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Nieuwe informatiepunten op Schiphol geopend

Video calling in action at Schiphol Airport's new self-service information points.

With the summer holidays taking off, we have big news: the collaboration between 24sessions and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is live. Schiphol Airport recently introduced self-service information kiosks in terminals, and now passengers can also speak with an airport staff member by video if they have any questions. These video calls are proudly powered by us. 

Instant video calls at self-service points

Schiphol offers its passengers a fast and convenient solution via 24sessions’ video calling technology. Whenever passengers can’t find their way at the airport, have missed their flight or lost their luggage, they wish to speak to someone personally. Instead of waiting in line to talk to personnel at the desk, passengers can now request live assistance via video. This solution helps prevent queues in the terminal, causes less stress and creates a better, frictionless travel experience.

video-calling-airport-information-pointImage courtesy: Royal Schiphol Group

Live video calling as part of the omnichannel approach

Customer surveys have revealed that passengers prefer more digital communication with Schiphol through various online channels, no matter their location. Passengers can access the self-service information points to look up their flight information, check maps of the airport, and view frequently asked questions and answers. For more complex queries or problems, they can speak with a Schiphol staff member through video calling. And if needed, a mobile assistant will come and assist the passenger on the spot.

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Image courtesy: Royal Schiphol Group

A user satisfaction score of 95%

Over the past few months, Schiphol Airport has introduced and tested the self-service information points in phases. In May, most passengers used the self-service information points to look up their flight details or view airport maps. A survey among users showed that over 95% were satisfied with the self-service points.

To successfully execute this project for Schiphol, 24sessions is collaborating with leading digital strategy & service delivery partner Riff.

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