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A grand launch on Product Hunt

24sessions on Product Hunt

We’re proud to announce our launch on Product Hunt!

We’re proud because it’s been hell of a ride. In the early days, 24sessions started as a marketplace for personal advisors where they could make appointments to provide their expertise via live video-chat. It turned out that clients were looking for something different and the company almost failed.

Thankfully, we were able to let go of the initial idea of a marketplace, and decided to pursue a SaaS (Software as a service) model, which happened to be a lot more popular among customers looking for advice delivered online.

Hello on-demand economy

We found out that customers want to meet instantly (hello on-demand economy) and if not instantly than they want to book a meeting for the future while staying on top of their agenda. We therefore introduced self-serving booking forms which give customers a lot of freedom, while companies can offer them a fully branded experience by customizing the embedded forms on their websites.


Completely download-less experience

The video meeting than happens in a web browser, which means there is nothing to be downloaded for both customers and companies. That often becomes a deal-breaker for those looking for a seamless experience as opposed to other solutions where downloads and updates are required.

Meet effortlessly

Learn, learn, learn

Over time we realized that customer interaction doesn’t end when the meetings end. And so we introduced features to our video-chat that enable you tracking conversations, analyzing what has been said and finally optimizing your communication. In this way you can nurture relationships with your customers and make them stick to what you offer.

Learn from your meetings

More awesomeness is coming if you give us some love!

It’s these slick features that customers fell in love with and which turned the initial not-so-great marketplace idea into one of the best B2B startups in Europe. And 24sessions doesn’t stop here. Buckle up, upvote us on Product Hunt and help us bring you more awesome features such as conversational analytics (on the way!).

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