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We’ve got ourselves a brand new website!

We’re proud to announce our new website

We didn’t just give it a new look, we revolutionized the whole thing, both in terms of graphics and content.

New website images (3)

We’ve grown

This website is yet another step in an exciting growth journey of 24sessions. We’ve expanded our enterprise client base and further developed our enterprise solution by adding new features and integrations. We’ve become an international scale-up, and we needed our image to reflect this new environment.

Revamped solutions, use-cases and success stories

The new website features our spearhead solutions, popular use cases and the latest customer stories. The latest customer story is from Rabobank and shares their journey how they implemented and scaled video banking to 3000+ advisors in less than 12 months. Read their full story here.

The Customer Success Program  

The services section has undergone a full makeover too; there you can find the method we use to implement video calling as a new customer interaction channel. This Customer Success program helps our clients to fully leverage video calls and consists of 4 phases, each having separate milestones and deliverables.

New website images (2)

We hope you enjoy the new website! Want to join our journey of growth? Check out our current job openings.

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